Lighten Your Load ~ My Opinion

Was last year a difficult one? Were you out of sorts? Were you feeling suffocated or trapped? Do you just want to feel more freedom this year? Were you burned out and lacking energy? Take a look at your surroundings. Could that be your problem?

If you want this year to be better than last, you might just need to lighten your load. A good way to do this is to start cleaning up your space! What? That sounds so stupid! So, you think I will have a better year if I clean up my space? Absolutely! When our space isn’t well, we can not be well. Having clutter, piles, or just not being organized can make us feel anxious, stressed, irritable, and exhausted.

Now, this may not be your problem. Many people had a strange last year and not everyone had a messy, cluttered, or unorganized space. It’s just life. But, for others, this may definitely help. Lightening your load can bring a better fulfilled year ahead!

Start with your living spaces. Bedrooms are a great place to start since this is where you need the most peace when trying to rejuvenate from a good nights sleep. Clean out the closet and dressers of unworn clothes or anything you don’t NEED! I had 10 bras. I wore maybe 4 of them. So six left the building! Keep your dresser tops clean and not a catch all. Keep free from dust and garbage. Don’t eat in your bedroom. Keep this your sanctuary for rest and sleep.

Next, clean up your office/craft/computer space. Use files to organize and a cabinet or plastic boxes to store things not used regularly. Then the kitchen, living space, garage, etc…… This can be so freeing and it puts you in control of your surroundings. Having some control in our lives is a necessity to function optimally. Get rid of clutter, junk, and unnecessary items. I’m not talking going minimalist. Just clean it up and lighten that load. And how wonderful to donate items to charities that can really use them. It’s a two for one!

Take a look at your social media friends list. Do you have people who you scroll pass on a regular basis? Do you have friends on unfollow? Do you have friends posting toxic posts that give you stress, anxiety, or anger? Delete them! You don’t need that. You can choose to unfollow to avoid confrontation but really, if you will not see them in person and they are a computer friend only, delete! Lighten that heavy weight. I have great people on my feed and the deletes are worth a stress free social media page for me to break away to.

Finally, jobs, friends and family. If you have tough relationships, heavy burden or just plain unhappiness from any, distance yourself. Look for a new job. Eliminate friendships. Don’t show up to all family gatherings. Don’t keep yourself in unhealthy situations. You might go out of your comfort zone, but the freeness from the toxic and negative atmospheres will make you grow! What you leave behind you is a stepping stone for what lies ahead.

One life! Don’t waste it! Lighten your load. Take chances. Keep moving forward. And…….. Live life fully!

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