Who Said Being A Mom Was Easy ~ My Opinion

She has a sick kid lying in a playpen in the kitchen as she prepares breakfast and lunches for the other kids to get them off to school. Making sure the school aged children are all dressed, teeth brushed and on the bus, she then tends to the crying baby and gets on with her routine. It’s just another day for a mother. Taking care of sick kids, making sure the others are on their way, keeping the house clean, getting meals cooked and preparing for the PTA bake sale.

Or…… She’s single with three kids, working full time, taking care of a house, dogs, being a chauffeur, being mom and a dad, keeping schedules, kids in sports, gardening a yard, struggling to pay bills and maybe getting a breath on a Sunday morning before the kids get up.

This is motherhood! Doing what you need to do for your family. Is it tough, yes! Is it always easy, no! But you just do it. You hold your head up the best you can and push on through.

Today it seems more new moms want “mini-me’s”! They want a live action doll they can play with and dress up. They don’t want the work and stress of motherhood. They want the cute pictures, the play dates, the social media videos.

So much whining about how hard it is to be a mom. Mommy blogs. Mommy groups. It’s so tiring. They won’t listen. They don’t talk. I don’t know what they want. It’s so much work! I’m so worn out!

Who ever said being a mom was easy? Being a mom is emotionally draining! It’s physically exhausting! It’s stressful. It’s worrisome. It’s heartbreaking. It’s helpless. It’s, at times, non rewarding! It just…… is!

But with all of this, it is a blessing. It’s a miracle. It’s a treasure. It’s a learning experience everyday. It’s not just your child growing, but also you! It’s a gift that should never be taken for granted. It’s a bond no one can understand except for another mother.

Will you make mistakes, yes! Did your mom make mistakes, yes! But you do the best you can and make the choices right for that time. Just do everything with good intentions and love for your child.

Another important piece, just know as you grow and have your own children, your mother still feels this way about you. Don’t put your mother aside while you become a mom. You will always be your mom’s baby! While you are loving on your baby, your mom is still loving on you!

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