Respect Our Veterans ~ My Opinion

Less than ten percent of Americans have ever served in a military position. It’s actually around 7.3%. Currently, 0.4% of Americans are actively serving in some capacity. If you have a room of one hundred people, only 4 are serving. Do you think that’s a lot? Compare that to the 34% that go to college. Four percent is nothing!

Military personnel are special, heroic, brave, and truly something to be recognized! This small percentage of Americans have agreed to sacrifice their life to protect you and this country. To fight for your rights of freedom. To fight for your right of free speech. To fight for your right to work, travel, choose, vote, and live a life outside of communism and dictatorship. They protect you every single day of your life to keep our country safe from harm. We live in a place protected by less than ten percent of all fellow Americans! That’s not even a handful!

This elite group of people deserve our respect! You should always thank them for their service, if given the opportunity. Even if they serve as a cook, administration, or never went overseas, they deserve our respect. They fulfill jobs that keep the military running and keep our service people on track to do their appointed duties.

Many leave the service and come back to a society who has such a lack of respect for what they have done. Civilians do not understand the discipline, sacrifice, hard work of blood, sweat and tears that goes into the making of American soldiers, sailors, airmen, and coast guards. The early rise, rigorous training, education, and development it takes to make our military here the best!

Civilians cannot understand the time apart, the missed holidays, no family, deployments, and moving from here to there. They cannot fathom the battlefields, the brotherhood, the leave no man behind! In a world where we push down others to get ahead, civilians don’t understand the camaraderie. They don’t understand the pain, the loss, the strength, and the fight. Military experience more at times in four years than many will ever experience in a lifetime.

We should be showing them thankfulness, appreciation, gratitude, admiration, and giving them our upmost regard! Respect our veterans. They put their lives on the line so that you can live yours!

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