Disney and Life – My Opinion

          Recently, my husband put the Disney Plus streaming on our television. I have always loved Cinderella. It is my favorite Disney movie that involves a princess and romantic love story. I have the original book from when I was a kid and it remains my favorite today. I will say Beauty and the Beast is a very close second.

            Anyway, I went on a little binge and watched the movies from the vault. I really did not realize how old these movies are. They remain in many hearts and are timeless classics. Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs started the princess series in 1937. Then Pinocchio and many more after that. I haven’t watched them all from the vault but what I have watched and remember from over the years, they all have wonderful story lines. From the first ones over eighty years ago, they still show us what we need to know today.

            There will always be good and evil. We will battle this in our lives. It may not be a wicked queen, witch, stepmother, or talking wolf, but it will be something. We will need to learn how to fight back while staying true to our self. There will be people that will hurt us. We just need to stand tall and push through. The good will prevail even if it is not how we want the outcome to be. Sometimes we need to look a little deeper to see the promising result.

Sometimes the battle can be our own inner self. Pinocchio had to overcome lying, the Beast had to overcome being arrogant and over indulging. Aladdin tried impressing someone by acting like someone else other than himself. We need to be true to ourselves and how we see others. We should not have to lie to impress or want only the best and not accept others for how they are. Of course, we need to adapt to our surroundings. We would be acting different in a business meeting compared to dinner with friends, but you know what I am saying. Dress to impress as long as you don’t cover up your true identity.

            The movies also show fear and sadness but coming to a happy ending. This is because we will have hardships in our lives. We will have trials and grief. Life is not a guaranteed piece of happiness all of the time. It is our decision to make happiness in our lives by overcoming the hardships. Cinderella sang and danced while living in despair. Snow White offered to help strange “kids” by cleaning their house even though she was running for her life. When you really think about it, it is life. You make the best in every situation that comes at you. Even in times of trial you have to keep living so you might as well see the good while trying to get through it.

            Our lives are not a Disney movie. I will say that we can make it close if we just whistle while we work, dream of a happily ever after, and even when life is hard, keep your heart open.

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