Merry Spiritual Christmas ~ My Opinion

Santa Claus is coming to town! The excitement is in the air. Kids will be staying up looking for reindeer! It is such a fun, magical, and happy time of the year. But, it should also be spiritual. We do have Santa, Rudolf, and Frosty, but do you have Jesus?

Christmas is the celebration of the birth of Christ. Who was born with animals in a manger. Born to the Virgin Mary and Joseph. In Bethlehem. The star, the three wise men, and an Angel. Remember this story?

Christmas is when our Savior came to save us from ourselves. All of the sins we commit and life’s temptations we fall into. The ways of the world we lavish in. The greed, anger, lust, or maybe even the lack of ambition. We destroy our Heavenly chances unless we repent and ask Jesus to be our Lord and Savior.

I love presents. I love preparing a wonderful meal. I love the family gathering and the loud, crazy mess! But it’s not the message of Christmas. The message is giving, loving our neighbors, and living a life for Christ. Thanking Him for what we do have. Live a life pleasing to His sight. It’s having faith and hope in the Heaven above the even though our paths can be difficult, it’s His plan. And He is preparing us for a place to sit with Him for eternity.

I wish you all the very best Christmas. Not from gifts. Not from people you are with or lacking. But from you knowing that the day is a celebration for the only One who really never leaves your side and loves you more than anyone on earth. Feel this love and share it. When you spread love, you give light! What better gift can anyone give?
Merry Christmas!!

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