Life Goes On ~ My Opinion

So much going on. The world feels like it’s falling apart. Everything is out of sorts. People are stressed, anxiety is high, and others just don’t care which makes others even more mad. Stop! Take a deep breath. Exhale all of that emotion.

No matter what we go through, life goes on. We can lose our job, our house, or a precious loved one and life will go on. We can be physically ill, emotionally collapsing, or fighting another battle and life will go on. It’s not going to stop for you or anyone. So, YOU need to stop. You need to regroup, rejuvenate, and you need to continue to live.

Many people are facing unknowns. Actually, we all are. We never know what tomorrow may bring or even the next hour. Any second can change our lives forever. That’s life. We can plan what we want, move in that direction, but detours usually change those plans. We will still get there, but it just may take longer or completely change our path.

Stress, anxiety, and fear will not change any outcomes. Worry will not makes situations cease. Guilt won’t change what has already happened. Let that go! All you have is right here, right now. Focus on this. It goes back to the old questions…. can you change it? Can you control it? If yes, then do what you can. If not, then keep moving on.

Life goes on. It will go on with or without you. You can wallow in the mess life throws at you or you can live life fully and take in all that you can. Life goes by quickly and everything will pass. How will you get through it? Will you live your life fully and do the best you can? Or will you just miss it and let it pass on by?

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