Changes Needed in Society ~ My Opinion

Our grandparents and great grandparents saw changes in society from not having cars or power to having cable and computers. Parents that had no cell phones and only five channels on the television to now kids watching tv with no wires and playing movies from apps. Change. It’s happening everyday.

We are taking DNA tests for our heritage and solving crimes. Smoking is bad and pot is good. The changes are happening fast and furious. Upgrade every year or two or you are left behind in the technical world.

Some changes needing to take place are still challenging. Race, sexuality, and political division are still causing uproar and debate. It seems we can grow a world of technology but when it comes to humanity, we fail. What a shame that we can’t support each other as people but we praise the new iPhone that becomes available.

We watch social media be a tool for bullying, hate, and ridicule. We watch political leaders call names and support crimes. We watch people get physically and mentally hurt and abused because they are different from us. We have had YEARS to change this and it just seems to get worse. We have people promoting positive behavior and messages to shake this negative world with little impact. The negative feeds America. It’s what sells, what thrives, and it’s absolutely disgusting!

When technology is working great, it’s the best! We prosper and continue to change for the better. But when technology fails we crash, suffer, and live in anxiety and fear. Just like people. When we love, help, and support each other…. we prosper and grow. We create change that builds us as a society and of people. But push each other down and fuel negativity….. we will divide, suffer and live in anxiety and fear.

It’s tough to stay motivated and motivate others with so much hate and discontent. It’s hard to be a light in the sky of darkness. Our society needs this change. No mocking others, hurting or insulting, and laughing at the sake to pain someone else. Be the change! Spread the good. Combat the darkness and shine your light. Support the hurting people when needed. Build with the stones that are thrown. These are the changes this society needs. Technology will continue to thrive. What about humanity?

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