Make 2021 YOUR Year!

2020 sucked for much of the world. We all know the problems it had and I don’t need to run through them again. As for individuals, they had even more problems put on them. It has been tough. But it’s almost over!

As we welcome in 2021, we need to go in ready to take on the year. 2020 took us over. We need to take over 2021. We need to know that not all the problems will automatically disappear on the stroke of midnight. Some will linger and still cause grief. But since we have already been brought down to our knees…. it’s time to stand up, brush ourselves off, and push through this coming year better than the last. 

Many people had a great 2020! They used the year to better themselves, their lives, and their wellbeing. Some really didn’t have much effect on their daily lives, and some prospered and took advantage of the challenges. Way to go for those people! Yay you! But, unfortunately, some didn’t have it that way. 

So, it’s time to move on. It’s time to figure things out. It’s time to organize our lives. It’s time to focus on goals and plans we want to reach. It’s time to make changes we can control. It’s time to push through and not look back. Just keep going. It time to be our best and not let anything hold us down or push us back! It’s time to be better, to flourish, and to get out of the box we are stuck in. It’s time! It’s YOUR time! It’s YOUR year! 

2021 may not be a super fantastic year world wide, but it can be a super fantastic year for you. It can be YOUR best year yet. It really is what you make it. It will give you trials, but rise above them and carry on! Keep moving forward! Make 2021 YOUR year! 

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