Celebrate Life As It Is….

It’s so hard to find joy or happiness when life is weighing you down. Especially during the holidays. Quite often, and more so now, we hear how everything is so messed up. Life just needs to get back to normal. Life is so unfair. Let me ask you this, life is unfair compared to what? 

Life is life. You are going to have great times and you will suffer through your hardest days. You will be happy and celebrating good moments and there will be times you hate everything around you. You will feel peace and love throughout your life but you will also feel pain and hurt. It’s life. It’s not a perfect world you float through. It’s a jumbled mess you get through. But you need to choose to LIVE through it all. 

Living life is hard. Most of us just get by day to day. The same routine. The same foods. The same daily way in which you go about your life. Most don’t really live it. They don’t sort through the bad as a challenge or accomplishment. It’s a victim mentality. They don’t breathe in the happiness and peace of a great day, they take it for granted. Like it should just be good all the time anyway. 

Great days happen and they should be cherished. Soaked in to fill you with goodness. Tough times that break us need to be fought hard to get us on our feet again. Live in the times you are in. If it’s a divorce, death, financial issue, or even a pandemic, live it! It’s hard, it’s grueling, it’s knee falling, and tear jerking, but it’s your time in your life. Live it. Then slowly rise and find the smiles, the laughter, the celebration, and the peace. Take it in. Feel it fill you. 

Life isn’t fair compared to what? Life is life. Live it fully everyday. With the punches and the hugs you should live it all. Fight back. Hug back. Be in the moments. You only have one life and the more you don’t take time to live it, the less time you have to fully live. 

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